01. The [wind] blew the door shut with a loud bang.
02. We couldn't go canoeing because of high [winds].
03. Windmills change [wind] power to energy which can be used for electricity.
04. There is no [wind] on the moon, so unless someone disturbs them, an astronaut's footprints will last forever!
05. Experts say that [wind] power could provide up to 12% of the Earth's electricity within 20 years.
06. The [wind] rushed through the trees, blowing the leaves off, and bending the branches.
07. The laundry flapped in the [wind] as it dried on the clothesline.
08. Because the banana stalk is not woody and is 93% water, even moderate [winds] can blow down a plant.
09. We tied down the sails because it was too [windy] to sail.
10. We held the birthday party outside, and it was so [windy] that it was difficult to light the candles on the cake.
11. The first time I jumped out of an airplane, it didn't feel like I was falling; it just felt really [windy].
12. You're more likely to get stung by a bee on a [windy] day that in any other weather.
13. My girlfriend and I love to stroll down by the water on a [windy] day when the waves are crashing onto the beach.
14. The [wind] blew my hat off when I was standing on the deck on the ferry, and I lost it.
15. I forgot to [wind] my watch, so I didn't realize the time.
16. You'd better [wind] in the string on the kite a bit so that it doesn't get tangled up.
17. The road [winds] along the coast for about 20 miles.
18. We paddled down a little river that [wound] through the countryside.
19. The train we took [wound] its way across the country for about a week.
20. Make sure you [wind] that bandage tightly around your wrist so that it doesn't move.
21. He [wound] the electrical cord around the base of the microphone so that no one could trip over it.
22. When the exercise is finished recording, you can [wind] your tape back and listen to it again.
23. When the exercise is finished recording, you can [rewind] your tape and listen to it again.
24. The little girl [wound] up the music box, and then laughed with delight as the song played, and the little ballerina danced around in a circle.
25. An Afghan proverb notes that every tree feels the force of the [wind].
26. An Indian proverb tell us that there are three uncertainties: woman, [wind], and wealth.
27. An Italian proverb advises that one should learn to sail in all [winds].
28. A Russian proverb observes that regretting the past is like chasing after the [wind].
29. J. Willard Marriott once noted that the stronger the [wind], the stronger the trees.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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